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Make Cool Garden Stepping Stones A DIY Mosaic Tile Tutorial

If you want to make a wonderful and unique addition to your backyard consider adding a hand created garden accessory like custom stepping stones designed by you!You May Also Like:Turn Broken China Into Gorgeous Garden Stepping StonesMake Fake Landscape Rocks and BouldersThese stepping stones are really attractive with the ability to incorporate lots of different colors and shapes to suit your garden.
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House Plants

Brown Tips on Houseplants Leaves – A Reason Why!

While running some errands recently, I noticed a Chlorophytum – “spider plant” in a hanging basket. More on spider plant care indoors here From a distance it looked great. Lots of foliage and “pups” hanging down. Looking at it closer I noticed a lot of spider plant brown tips on the leaves.Why Do Plant Leaves Turn Brown?
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Citrus Fertilizer: What Your Citrus Trees Need | How & When

Citrus trees produce beautiful, fragrant flowers and delicious fruit, and are naturally heavy feeders.For this reason, you must fertilize them regularly and properly.Many home gardeners:Do not give their citrus trees enough fertilizerFail to fertilize regularlyDo not use the right type of fertilizerIn this article, we explain how and when you should fertilize your citrus trees.
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How To Grow Virginia Bluebells

The Virginia Bluebells, a spring ephemeral, is one of the most delightful flowers in the early Spring gardens from the family boraginaceae.This genus of low-growing herbaceous perennial plants that’s hardy, content with average soil in semi-shade or full sun, the Virginia bluebells requires no special skill to cultivate and is not bothered with insects.
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Caring For Mojave Sage (Salvia Mohavensis)

Salvia mohavensis SAL-vee-uh, moh-hahv-EN-sis is a perennial sage growing natively in the Little San Bernardino Mountains and other dry regions throughout Nevada, including the Mojave Desert.Salvia mohavensis is commonly called Mojave sage.The low-growing shrub has gray-green foliage and pale blue flowers.
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