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Perfumed Fairy Lily Care: Learning To Grow Chlidanthus Fragrans

Chlidanthus fragrans klid-an-thuss, FRAY-granz is an exotic bulbous species from the Amaryllidaceae family and close relative of the daffodil.It’s native to South America, specifically in Peru and the Andes.The genus name means “delicate flower” while the species name references the strong citrus scent of the flowers.
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How To Care For Astrantia Masterwort

Astrantia Ast-ran-tee-a is a genus in the Apiaceae family. These herbaceous plants are native to Europe and the Caucasus.There are around nine different species of this plant; all of them have decorative flowers, palmate leaves, and aromatic roots.The different varieties of this plant includeAstrantia Major ‘Shaggy’Astrantia Major ‘Abbey Road’Astrantia Maxima ‘Hadspen Blood’Astrantia major ‘Roma’Astrantia ‘Lars’Astrantia ‘Buckland’The common names of this plant include:MasterwortPincushionGreat MasterwortHattie’s PincushionMelancholy GentlemanMajor MasterwortAstrantia Masterwort Plant CareSize & GrowthThese plants grow around 2’ feet long and come in a range of beautiful colors.
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Garden Gloves – How To Protect Your Hands In The Garden

Do you wear garden gloves when doing some yard work? Face it… working in a garden involves working with rocks, dust, dirt and thorny plants.All of these items can cause injuries and scratches to the hands of gardeners. Not to mention the bugs, spiders and other pests which can cause problems.Gardening gloves can go a long way to protect hands from such hazards.
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16+ Showy, Colorful Annual Flowers Screaming “LOOK At The Flowers”

“Look, Look, Look at the Flowers.” Who doesn’t want their garden beds or window boxes filled with annual flowers to scream as people pass by?The garden with annual plants can be as simple or complex as one wishes.All these factors can enter into your garden plan:Combining and contrasting a variety of colorsGraduating heightsVarying round and spike flower formsAll combined in creating flower color producing focal points of interestDisney World plants annuals to create gorgeous flower beds and hanging baskets!
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Sedum Spurium Care: Learn To Grow And Use The Two-Row Stonecrop

Sedum spurium (SEE-dum SPUR-ee-um) belongs to the family Crassulaceae and is among the 600 species in the genus Sedum.This particular sedum is an herbaceous perennial succulent commonly used as ground cover and can bring life to any garden.It is known as Two-Row Stonecrop because of the growth habit it has in growing in two rows along the stem.
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New Zealand Flax Care: Growing the Sword-Like Phormium Tenax

The bold look of the New Zealand Flax, Phormium tenax FOR-mee-um TEN-aks helps add a dramatic touch using potted plants for patio or balcony design.It features long, sword-shaped leaves that reach up to six feet tall.This evergreen perennial is part of the Asphodelaceae family, which includes over 900 species of plants.
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