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Tomato Blossom Drop: What Causes Blossoms To Drop On Tomatoes?

You may be an “old hand” at raising tomatoes or you may be an “eager beaver” who has set out their first plants this year.In either case, you are likely to discover the bane of all tomato-growers – “blossom drop.”Usually, the delicate tomato cluster cannot stand nighttime temperatures under 58° degrees Fahrenheit.
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Growing The Crown Imperial Flower (Fritillaria) In Your Garden

Several decades ago I got my first glimpse of the crown imperial flower – Fritillaria bulbs – in the garden of another plant lover who specialized in every sort of spring-flowering bulb.Blooming in the midst of an acre of eye-catching color, the Fritillaria succeeded in capturing one’s attention immediately because of its majestic height, curious form, and the smoky orange hue of its flowers.
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Leucothoe Plants: Growing | Maintenance | Care Tips

Leucothoe Loo-KOH-thoh-ee is a genus of broadleaf evergreen flowering plants, belonging to the family Ericaceae along with Calluna vulgaris.This genus has around 50 different species, including Leucothoe Fontanesiana and Leucothoe Axillaris.All of these species are low maintenance and produce beautiful foliage to enhance the overall beauty of the garden, particularly in winter and autumn.
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How To Grow Agave From Seed

If you aren’t able to find an agave pup, it is easy to grow blue agave and other types of Agave plants from seed. The process isn’t difficult, but it can be time-consuming.Here’s what you’ll need:Shallow planting containers or pots and drip traysSterilized seed starting mixPlastic wrap or plastic bagsStep 1 – Prepare The Growing ContainerIf your planting containers are not brand new, wash them thoroughly and allow them to dry in the sun for a day or two before you start.
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7 Terra Cotta Pot Projects To Spice Up The Garden

The simple, classic clay terra cotta pot has so many possibilities. Sometimes we need help for someone to lead the way. Below you’ll find 7 projects which incorporate clay pot crafts to create unique uses in the garden an spice up the space. Enjoy!Terracotta Rain Chain Rain chains people who have them love them.
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House Plants

Tips On What To Do With Cold or Frozen Houseplants

Recently, we’ve received some questions on house plants which stayed outside in the cold and what to do? The questions go something like this!Question: Our Ficus tree or Dragon Tree Dracaena got really cold when I forgot to bring the plant indoors.The leaves turned brown and now the Ficus tree is losing a lot of leaves, is it dead?
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