Use Rope Lighting For Cool Looking Garden Lighting Effects

Use Rope Lighting For Cool Looking Garden Lighting Effects

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I saw this image on pinterest and thought is was a cool rope lighting idea. Usually we see rope lighting used outdoors attached to the edge of a deck.

How about installing the low voltage lighting around the edge of a garden bed… inexpensive, waterproof and you can connect it to a timer!

You’ll see in the lighting is also “protected” by the brick border from weed eaters beating up on the outer coating.

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There is NO real “how to” as much as it is an idea to get the juices flowing. Basically the “rope” simply follows the path the brick garden border. Great Idea!

One tip I would suggest is to lay the rope lighting out in the design you want and use garden staples (bent wire) to keep the lighting in place and follow the path to achieve the desired look. You’ll need more staples closer together if the lighting is following a curve.


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