5 Easy Steps To Make A Tall Flowerpot Trellis

5 Easy Steps To Make A Tall Flowerpot Trellis

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We recently posted about the passion vine flower, the colorful mandevilla vine and 10 other annual vines.

Often, when you buy these trellis vines at the garden center they come with a small wooden trellis.

Problem is… when the plant grows, the trellis is no longer suited to handle the bigger plant.

Lowe’s has an easy to make trellis (5 steps and skill level: beginner), which is taller to allow your plants to grow larger and more attractive.

It’s a simple fix and great idea to accommodate those tall plants. Check out the other trellis projects at Lowe’s.

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Watch the video: Easy, Cheap, DIY, Tall and Sturdy Trellis for Containers (July 2022).


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