How To Build A Tumbling Composter

How To Build A Tumbling Composter

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If you garden the benefits of having a compost pile are hard to deny.

A compost pile will give you a steady source of nutrition and fertile soil for your plants.

Compost piles also allow you to get rid of wasteful products you have sitting around the house.

Store bought compost tumblers can often be expensive. Most people don‰’t realize however that you can build a compost tumbler using ordinary items like a garbage can.

Composting performs best when it is aerated. Usually, aeration tools for compost are quite expensive or you could use Grandma’s method!

Fortunately you can build a tumbling composter that can handle a large amount of compost.

  • A compost aerator can be made at an affordable price.
  • The materials are easily accessible at local hardware stores.
  • Once assembled, barrels only need turning once per day making upkeep easy.

To make a compost tumbler involves a plastic drum and a piece of pipe and a saw buck made of wood to support the barrel.

With easy assembly and rotating once per day you’ll soon make wonderful compost. Details here

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Video: Making A Compost Tumbler

Variations On Making A Compost Tumbler

You‰’ll only need a drill, drill bits, a jig saw, channel lock pliers, adjustable wrench or socket set, a razor knife, screw drivers, and a 1-1/4 hole saw. Once you’ve got what you need check this easy to follow step by step guide:

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