19+ Creative Uses For Old Wine Barrels Outdoors

19+ Creative Uses For Old Wine Barrels Outdoors

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Once the delectable wine is consumed, what’s left? The barrel! So, what can you do with this barrel besides take it to the dump or throw it away?

Did you know that wine barrels outdoors have many fantastic uses for decoration, from plants to trash can holders… and lots in between around the house?

Check out this collection pulled from pinterest. As you’ll see a used wine barrel can be turned into a wonderful visage in the home or garden. Enjoy!

Table Table And Chairs

source: pinterest

The Squirting Man Fountain

How would you like to walk up on this guy in the garden?

source: pinterest

From Barrel To Pond

The sound would be so soothing. This would be nice in a backyard or little patio with of course some fishes!

source: pinterest

Rain Barrel on A Barrel

Very Rustic looking wooden rain barrel

source: pinterest

Wine Barrel Pendants

source: pinterest

Wine Barrel Adirondack Style Chair

source: pinterest

Decorated With Wine Bottle Corks

source: pinterest

Hungover After A Long Night Drinking

source: pinterest

Ergonomically Designed Wine Barrel Hammock

source: pinterest

The Cooler Cooler

source: pinterest

Glowing Wine Barrel

I’m sure this is just beautiful at night on the deck

source: pinterest

The Hidden Trashcan

source: pinterest

Beer Keg Wine Barrel

Does this count as “double” consumption?

source: pinterest

Firepit Table

source: pinterest

Another Wine Barrel Fountain

source: pinterest

More Rustic Win Barrel Firepit Table

source: pinterest

Pitcher Pump Fountain Barrel

source: pinterest

Simple Wine Barrel Table

source: pinterest

Half Barrel Planter

source: pinterest

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Watch the video: How to recondition a wine barrel- part 4 prepping for the stain (June 2022).


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